Wildlife, Conservation and Rewilding Consultancy

Tim Squire – Wildlife, Conservation and Rewilding Consultant and Practitioner


Boost biodiversity the easy way and let nature take the lead! Nature has the most amazing capability to bounce back and flourish when given the chance. I can show you how by applying the principles of Rewilding to your area – big or small – be that a town garden, a single field, an area of woodland.

Rewild your garden

Even a tiny garden can be a wildlife haven! – it’s all about the right plants. I can advise on choosing native plants that are great for pollinators in your garden – creating a vibrant space for bees, butterflies and other creatures. Do you have space for a small wildflower meadow? – I can show you how to change your lawn into a wildflower meadow the easy way. Create a small pond full of wildlife with native pond plants from organic suppliers – and not a fish pond – fish will only eat your beautiful dragonflies and other invertebrate life. You’ll be amazed how quickly nature returns!

sussex wild ponies
I have successfully used these beautiful, semi-wild Exmoor Ponies to restore precious chalk grassland habitat.
rewilding consultancy sussex
Silver washed fritillary will do well in a wood with areas cleared on long cycles that allow violets to carpet the sunlit woodland floor where it will lay its eggs.

Woodland Management

You can transform your woodland to let in the light and fill it with butterflies and bird song. Most woodlands in this country are dark, dank places that have little wildlife value. Due to generations of neglect, disastrous forestry practices and invasive species our woodlands are sad silent places. Re-instating traditional cyclical woodland management and re-naturalising your wood by replicating the effects of our long-lost ecosystem architects will bring wildlife bouncing back.

I can offer advice and practical woodland management services. I can help you plan out a woodland recovery scheme that fits with a Woodland Management Plan and Woodland Management Grant.

My work switches the focus from woodland for timber to woodland for wildlife.

Farms and protected habitats

I have experience of managing a range of priority habitats. Chalk grassland is my special area of expertise where I have worked on many SSSIs and Local Wildlife Sites to protect the specialist wildflowers and butterflies that live only in this extremely rare and special habitat. Through grazing management and scrub clearance I can get nature to thrive again on your protected site. Heathland, woodland, wet grassland and wildflower meadows are all farmed habitats that are under threat due to poor management.

I can help you turn that around and have wildlife bouncing back with simple measures and changes in farming practices. Make space for wildlife across the whole farm too. Hedgerows and field margins or unproductive corners can benefit wildlife AND your yields.

woodland management
A woodland ride widened to allow sunlight to penetrate and flowers to grow on the woodland floor
rewilding consultant consultancy
I hope the butterflies appreciate all the hard work!

About me

With over twenty years’ experience working in Conservation and Countryside Management I can offer advice on Rewilding everything from a small garden to a large farm. I’m passionate about conversation and restoring our beautiful, diverse natural environment.

I provide talks and tours exploring the landscape and wildlife of the Sussex countryside.

I am an active member of Sussex Ornithological Society, for whom I have organised the Annual Conference for the last four years, and I am Secretary of the Sussex Branch of Butterfly Conservation.


£25 for initial hour for gardens – an hour visit and chat can start you on your way! Additional advice and work arranged if desired.
£170 a day for practical woodland management work
£250 a day for consultancy and management plan work

For more info please get in touch with me here

Transforming a woodland into a wildlife haven

Working closely with Neil Hulme, Sussex Butterflies and Wildlife Habitats, we have transformed a woodland for the benefit of butterflies.

Our methods prioritise the needs of butterflies allowing key larval foodplants to thrive and allowing light to penetrate to maximum effect. Birds and other woodland wildlife benefit from the boost in insect life and creation of deadwood habitat.

Precious ancient oaks are released from crowding and allowed space to reach out their spreading boughs into the light.

farms and protected habitats
Creating a wide box junction maximises the edge habitat and area for ground flora to flourish.
birch tree peacock butterfly
Peacock butterfly sitting on a cut birch tree enjoying the sun in a newly created glade.
woodland rewilding wood
Wood is stacked to keep the ground clear for the flowers to grow and to provide dead wood habitat which will be rocket fuel for biodiversity.
tree felling in mist
Felling on a misty winter morning.
majestic oaks in sussex
A line of majestic oaks are given space to breathe and the ground is opened up for woodland flowers to bloom.
oak tree in sussex
An oak tree that was previously crowded by lots of small trees now has room to spread its branches.
rewilding consultanct in sussex
Creating open glades rather than standard thinning over a bigger area benefits wildlife much more.
White admiral butterfly
White admiral butterfly, a woodland butterfly that needs a wood with both light and shade and lots of honeysuckle.
sussex land management consultancy
Standing dead wood where it is safe to leave is very valuable habitat too. Woodpeckers need somewhere to nest.

I would love to chat with you about your project – Please get in touch with me here